Explore the cultural and natural wonders of the region

Thousand Lakes and a small sea glisten amidst fragrant meadows, pristine forests, moorland, and hills. Gentle rivers and narrow channels connect them into a unique natural blue paradise. They form the largest connected lake region in Europe.

Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch is situated in the southern part of this holiday paradise.

Ruppiner Seeland near Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch

Ruppiner Seenland

The Ruppiner Lakeland is located in northern Brandenburg and connects Berlin with the Mecklenburg Lake District along the Oberen-Havel Waterway. The Ruppiner Land is much more than a way station - they don't call the region "Brandenburg's Blue North" for nothing. More than 170 lakes, 250 navigable waterways, and scenic rivers draw a landscape that even then enchanted Theodor Fontane. Today you can discover the most water-rich region of Brandenburg without a license by houseboat or by canoe.

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Laufpark Stechlin near Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch

Runners Park Stechlin

The runners park Stechlin lies between the cities Rheinberg, Gransee, Lindow, Zehdenick, and Fuerstenberg/Havel amidst the nature park Stechlin-Ruppin Land. The entire network consists of approximately 350 kilometers of running routes, all of which are GPS-measured and divided into kilometers.

The individual sections can be freely combined with each other and thus offer a great variety of possible combinations. All paths are suited for walkers, Nordic walkers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

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biking near Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch


If you plan to explore the Land of a Thousand Lakes on two wheels, then you should start here. Whether supported with an electric motor or by pure muscle power.

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Kilometer-long stretches on alley roads, through forests and along lake shores. This is what await motorcyclists in the hilly countryside of the Land of a Thousand lakes. what could be more beautiful than getting out of the hog in the evening and letting yourself be pampered.

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hiking near Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch


Hike in every season through a grandiose nature, along numerous lakes and canals and through extensive forests and fields and discover left and right from the trails the beauty of the local flora and fauna.

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Rheinsberg near Precise Resort Marina Wolfsbruch


The city of Rheinsberg lies in Ruppiner Seenland, in northern Brandenburg. Rheinsberg became known because of Crown Prince Friedrich II. (Friedrich the Great), who - in his own words - spent the happiest time of his life there. His younger brother, Prince Heinrich of Prussia, had a lasting influence on the palace and garden in the style of early classicism. Rheinberg is the cultural centre of north Brandenburg. We will happily support you with the purchase of tickets for the Music Academy performances, the Castle Theatre, the Chamber Opera and the events at the Ruppiner Festspiel Land.

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