Antique ceiling arts at Precise Tale Poggio Alla Sala


A culinary delight

Precise Tale Poggio Alla Sala offers guests a taste of a delicious seasonal cuisine with unique Tuscan flavours. The resort boasts various food and beverage venues with a wide selection of dining possibilities; from buffet dining to a la carte to in-room service.


La Via Della Seta

La Via Della Seta restaurant at Precise Tale Poggio Alla Sala finds its place in cinematic interiors of magnificent frescos and vaulted ceiling and windows. 

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Vino Voyage

Our knowledgeable sommeliers have carefully curated a selection of wines that represent the rich heritage and diversity of Tuscany's vineyards. 

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Marco Polo Pool Bar

At Marco Polo Pool Bar We have crafted a menu inspired by the spirit of adventure and exploration. 

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