men playing golf at Precise Resort El Rompido

Golf School


Would you like to learn how to golf or improve your technique through classes? Visit El Rompido Golf Club and School to be advised by its manager, the Scottish master Peter Ballingall, who is one of Europe's most famous professionals. He is the author of various successful books about golf: in "Learn Golf in a Weekend" he reveals some of the key approaches applied in his classes.

Peter's motto of "everyone can play better golf, naturally" has helped players from all across the world, both experts and beginners of the sport. It perfectly summarises his learning philosophy. His training plan combines technique and psychology to ensure the player (beginner or experienced) hits his/her best shots. His team is comprised of teachers including Eve Jary (PGA France) and Sebastián Peña (FAG Monitor). Together, they have designed a programme of individual and group courses for all levels. Classes are given in Spanish, English or French and are adapted to the needs of visitors to Precise El Rompido.

El Rompido Golf Club has two full practice areas, one at each of the courses. They are designed for group learning and training with a personal coach. Professionals can book these facilities for student classes in excellent conditions. The practice tees mix natural grass and synthetic turf.

golf field at Precise Resort El Rompido

The southern practice area covers 40,000 m2 and includes:

  • 18-hole putting green
  • Green and two bunkers (2x8 stations)
  • Chipping green (8 stations)
  • Driving range (275 metres, 36 stations)

The northern zone has an approximate area of 30,000 m2 and the following features:

  • 8-hole putting green
  • Bunker (8 stations)
  • Chipping green (8 stations)
  • Wedge range (80 metres, 8 stations)
  • Driving range (200 metres, 23 stations)