lake near Precise Resort Schwielowsee


Explore the cultural and natural wonders of the region

The forests and lakes rich environment, the varied sports facilities and of course the numerous attractions in the State Capital Potsdam and the Metropolis Berlin, will all make your stay at Precise Resort Schwielowsee unforgettable.


Experience the flower city Werder and the famous tree blossom festival, which every year attracts thousands of people to the Havel city. The wonderful Island City (Old Town) not only has great restaurants and cafés to offer, but also a beautiful landscape. Visit the windmill, church and market square.

Brandenburg on the Havel

The 40 kilometers away Brandenburg on the Havel, which also participated in the Federal Garden Show 2015, also invites to discovery tours. It is surrounded by seven Brandenburg Havel lakes and crisscrossed by a network of canals. Here you can also take a walk over the Millennium Bridge or a tour of the cathedral island.

We also recommend visiting the asparagus town Beelitz, the monastery Lehnin or the Götzer Berg.


For its unique buildings and ensembles, the Potsdam cultural landscape, just nine kilometres from the Precise Resort Schwielowsee, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Well over 3.000 buildings are listed here. In addition to impressive castles and gardens, you can also experience the film studios Babelsberg, the tropical world biosphere and the famous Dutch Quarter.

Numerous events attract culture-loving guests, whole year round.


There are only a handful of cities in the world that are more cosmopolitan and influential than the capital of Germany - Berlin.

Berlin's mix of glamour and grit is bound to mesmerize anyone keen to explore its vibrant culture, cutting-edge architecture, fabulous food, and dramatic history.

Berlin is always well worth visiting; roof terraces and beach bars in summer, Christmas markets in winter, shopping, sightseeing and museums at any time of the year.