Winter Voyage
A complimentary fourth night precisely for you

Woven into the Jasmund peninsula landscape, on the island of Rügen, this winter wonderland is located on the verge of a stunning national park, near Nehrung Schaabe the longest beach of the Baltic Sea.

As temperatures plummet, a gentle dance of snowflakes begins, casting a soft, enchanting spell upon the surroundings. The world dons a pristine cloak of white, and the familiar becomes magically transformed under the ethereal touch of winter.

Precise Resort Rugen

The property

Set on 85 hectares, the resort consists of a 1911 Neo-Baroque manor house with exclusive suites, a 4-star hotel and family apartments. There is a selection of food and beverage venues, as well as a wide range of leisure activities. Discover “Splash”- our 3500 m² spa and water world of adventures suited for all ages, and much more.

We welcome you to explore the natural and cultural wonders of this region while enjoying our outstanding level of hospitality.

Island life

Relaxation and Wellness

Rügen is a state of mind and a way of life. We offer a taste of island life where relaxation and wellness go hand in hand. Enjoy delicious seasonal, regional and cosmopolitan cuisine with a selection of dining possibilities; a buffet restaurant, an Italian restaurant, a pool bistro and a lobby bar.

lobby at Precise Resort Rügen

Holiday for all


In a short stroll from the hotel you’ll find the world of adventure "Splash”, one of the most entertaining family destinations on Rügen Island.

thermal pool at Precise Resort Rügen


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