An indoor swimming pool at Precise House Montaperti Siena

Spa & Wellness

A sense of wellbeing at our spa hotel in Siena

Our spa hotel in Siena, Tuscany is the perfect destination for those who want to unwind and rejuvenate. Our spa has a heated pool with Jacuzzi (covered in winter and autumn) and a fitness corner.


The spa features a beautiful and relaxing lounge area, sauna, steam bath, ice chute, bucket shower, and sensory shower.
Our skilled therapists will provide you with an exceptional experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed.


The heat in the STARPOOL Sauna Exclusive has a smooth dry and can reach temperatures up to 100°C. Guests can really work up a sweat here and benefit from the indisputable effects on both body and mind!
The heat opens blood vessels, increases the heart rate, and promotes deep skin hydration and cleansing. All toxins are eliminated, muscles are relaxed, and tension is relieved. It’s like a gentle hug that gives you joy and relaxation.


The STARPOOL Steam Bath/Air Steam System provides a one-of-a-kind experience with innovative technology that makes the combined management of air, water, and temperature possible.
The unique combination of steam, fresh air, and fragrances stimulates the body and senses, providing a pleasant sense of well-being and moisturization: The steam bath fights respiratory disease and provides beneficial effects against rheumatism and muscle tension: A true regenerative treatment provided by a synergy of 100% humidity and a constant temperature of 45°C.


The STARPOOL Sensory Shower gets to the heart of health: The water’s positive qualities combined with the therapeutic benefits of the sauna and steam bath will wash away any worries and pains and provide guests with joyful moments of physical and mental fulfillment!
The water has been designed to flow like falling rain or rushing waterfalls to create a magical and harmonious atmosphere in which sensations are amplified and the body regenerates itself: The low temperature firms skin tissue and has a positive impact on the legs, glutes, and abdomen, while the vasodilator effect of the heat helps purify and thoroughly hydrate skin.

Interior of Spa & Wellness at Precise House Montaperti Siena
Interior of Spa & Wellness at Precise House Montaperti Siena
Sunbeds by the indoor pool at Precise House Montaperti Siena
Sunbeds by the indoor pool at Precise House Montaperti Siena