Explore the traditional Tenerife

In addition to plenty of sun, Mount Teide, volcanic landscapes and impressive beaches, Tenerife has so much more to explore.
Get to know a little more of traditional Tenerife by taking part in local festivals, visiting museums that maintain the traditions or letting yourself be carried away by events that transport you to the Spanish way of life.

Your included services:

  • • overnight stay
  • • half board – breakfast and dinner buffet
  • • welcome cocktail in our bar “Barlovento”
  • • Room upgrade up on availability at arrival
  • • Lunchbox for one day
  • • 1 bottle of water upon arrival on your room 
  • • usage of the 3 outdoor pool (one heated all year round) as well as the fitness centre
  • • city & beach shuttle each day (except Sunday and bank holidays)
  • • usage of the minigolf

Travel period: March 1st until May 31st, 2023


A small overview of event highlights and excursion destinations

Semana Santa | 02.-09.04.2023
Semana Santa (Holy Week) has been celebrated in the Canary Islands since the Middle Ages. The celebration begins on Palm Sunday and lasts until Easter Day. During the solemn period, most parishes have at least one daily procession with a service. But the most notable day is Good Friday, which commemorates the death and burial of Jesus Christ.

Fuegos de Mayo – Maikreuze & Feuerwerk | 2.-3. Mai 2023
On May 2nd & 3rd, Los Realejos will be the scene of an event that is unique in Europe, during which almost three hours of fireworks will illuminate the sky in the form of harmonious creations and colorful plays of light. Central to this tradition is the cross, an important symbol of the Festival of Cruces de Mayo (May Crosses) and the great fireworks display. In addition, over 300 crosses will be erected in all parts of the community on these days. In addition, the tradition is celebrated in all places with the name "Cruz", such as Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz or Cruz Santa.

Mueca Festival | 11.-14.05.2023
The International Festival of Street Arts in Puerto de la Cruz, better known as Festival Mueca, enjoys international fame and attracts locals and visitors alike thanks to its extraordinary and original performances. The festival awaits you with colourful, joyful performances that involve everyone.
Theatre, circus, dance, music and other forms of art take over the streets of the city, which is transformed for four magical days.

Día de Canarias | 30.05.2023
The Día de Canarias commemorates the first session of the Canarian Parliament on May 30, 1983, presided over by Pedro Guerra Cabrera, the first President of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands.
In addition to the official celebrations, local events take place in many places. The Canarian customs are particularly important. There are some sports that are only practiced in the Canary Islands (e.g. Lucha Canaria). The Canaries are particularly proud of their traditional costumes on this day. It's not far from the traditional costumes to music and dancing. The repertoire of the official events also includes Canarian folk music, in which typical Canarian instruments such as the Timple are sometimes used.

Ballet Español: Flamenco Pasión
Every Wednesday, the Timanfaya room hosts the Flamenco Pasión show. A project full of elegance, color, talent and power that showcases the best of classical Spanish dance and flamenco. The hour-long spectacle offers a selection of Spanish ballet, guitar solos, live music, spectacular lighting effects and elaborate audiovisual soundscapes.

12. Canarias Folk Celebration Arona
Every Thursday, the Los Cristianos promenade is the scene of folklore performances by different groups. In addition, visitors can expect a presentation of typical Canarian specialties and traditional trades.

Puerto Street Art
Experience the city as a creative space with Puerto Street Art in a new way - in the district of La Ranilla, the historic district of Puerto de la Cruz, where visitors can enjoy the city's vibrant life, shops and small restaurants, you can also marvel the impressive facade art.

Das Haus des Karnevals von Santa Cruz de Tenerife
On an area of 1,052 square meters you can get an insight of the most important event in the capital, whereby the exhibition space adapting every year to the costume of the current Carnival Queen and of the various artistic groups.
Along the route, visitors will find various carnival posters as well as a video wall with videos refer this party. It is a didactic and interactive space where you can try out costumes, masks and wigs and play musical instruments to experience the carnival yourself.

La Orotava: Museum of the Corpus Christi carpets
The decorative carpets of La Orotava have become more and more famous worldwide and are even in the Guinness Book of Records. They are ephemeral works of art that attract thousands of visitors to La Orotava. The museum displays numerous elements, images and designs of carpets which are manufactured by flowers and colored volcanic ash by Teide, giving a good insight into their layout and history.

House of Balconies (Local Museum) – House of family Molina
In the historical buildings from the 17th or the end of the 16th century, the visitor has the opportunity to see numerous examples of popular eyelet embroidery, embroidery and Canarian handicrafts in general. The first of the two houses, the Casa de los Balcones, houses the local history museum and itself displays magnificent examples of typical Canarian balconies and patios.

Pyramids of Güímar
In the ethnological park of the pyramids of Güímar, "Pirámides de Güímar", six step pyramids, which are currently being scientifically researched, can be visited on the one hand, and on the other hand the Casa Chacona museum house, in which various cultural parallels between the old and the new world are vividly shown. A documentary film about the pyramids is shown in the associated event hall, and in the seafaring tent, visitors can admire 1:1 scale replicas of papyrus rafts, as well as an exhibition about the legendary Easter Island with original-size photographs of the mysterious Moais. The complex has beautiful gardens with native flora.